Sunday, February 8, 2009

How It All Started

I met Jamie before my Junior year of high school through a mutual friend. He was always the guy to call when your in need of beer. So there he was, handing me over my case of Skye Blue trying to talk me into going to a party with him. Well, turns out, we had nothing better to do so there we went. Of course all of us girls were sitting by ourselves talking within one another when all of a smoke every where! He for some reason decided to throw a tire into the fire just for shits and giggles. Trying to get away from the smoke, I found it hard to walk due to the fact I was completely wasted and about to urinate on myself. So there he was to my rescue, carrying me every where I needed to go. This night was getting pretty boring by then so everyone kept going back and forth between houses when finally we all decided to call it a night. Of course the boys had to follow us girls so there we went... I rode with my future husband/baby daddy to my house. Got home, changed into PJs, then into his lap when we fell asleep. Damn, that's all it took! Hook and Sink! HA

We dated off and on over the next two years. Had lots of laughs, drukin nights, and money to spend. We were just doing our thing when one day, our lives would change forever. I remember not feeling well for a few days. It was strange because I never got sick. We were both concerned that I might be getting terribly sick so I made a Drs appt for the following week. That whole weekend I just was not myself. Jamie had mentioned for us to go buy a pregnancy test. I was shocked!! Where in the hell did I go from getting sick to being pregnant? Blown away by his idea which I thought was so far fetched, I said OK whatever. I just never thought that I was pregnant. Of course we were acting like crazy wild rabbits but for us to even think about this right now was just so weird. There we were, walking the isles of Target..looking for the pregnancy tests. I got too nervous to buy one so Jamie walked over and picked one up. We get home and he said when you take it come get me. He walks out of the room and there I was sitting on our bed looking @ how to take this thing. Well, here it goes........
Instantly..... TWO LINES!